Mixed Media Jewelry

Why Mix it up?

Adding other elements into your jewelry design add interest just like the spices you cook with. Glass beads are beautiful but adding clay or metal gives the piece more life. When you go beyond the string of beads and move into new areas the opportunity for adding diverse elements widens and your creativity can really expand into new worlds. Below you will find different ways to add fiber, found objects and life to your jewelry creations. 


OK, noted fiber is a far cry from most jewelry designers list of supplies. You don't normally put a sewing machine along side your pliers as tools. Here thou is a wonderful way to add a new texture to your designs. My first attempt of adding fiber was to incorporate small bits of fiber into my steampunk designs. I loved it, and kept looking for new ways to add fiber to my new designs. The turning point for me was my first video by Mary Hettmansperger which I purchased for my art quilts. This opened new doors for me. At first it was for adding metal to my quilts and it later prompted me to add fiber to my jewelry. 

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Julaine said...

love all of it...i'm especially drawn to your pieces with copper elements and color. absolute yummy-ness!