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What's My Line?

No I'm not a surprise guest on a 50's game show. I do wonder how to create and hold true to a group of creative works, and still advance in my craft. 

This can be an elusive beast. I've never been one to follow trends in jewelry much if at all. My one attempt at making tassel necklaces was a horrid failure. I did finally get rid of them all. 
If I continue to make what I like and not worry about trends and the color of this summer, what ever that is, I do much better. So I guess I really don't plan my product line, it's more of a progression of my talents, skills and the elements and colors that please me most. This keeps me happy and when I'm using the bits and parts I like wonderful things happen. 
So I have learned do what I love and be happy, for me it creates better art. I do want to push myself into new areas by learning new techniques and playing with new patterns and materials, but still keeping the Designs by Royce look. I also want that "look" …

Slowly Back Into The Swing

I have found out that some of the problems I was having was a magnesium deficiency. I really thought I might be getting dementia there for a few weeks. It was scary. Now things seem to be getting back to normal. I'm glad cause I don't do well with not being creative. It's like a part of my life is missing if I'm not fiddling around with something. This is the time of year I normally make jewelry like mad to get a bit ahead for summer and fall. So not feeling like doing anything is not a good thing.  

I did the Murfreesboro Art Crawl in February and that was a lot of fun. I was showing in Earth Experience, Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History. I'd never been to the museum and it was such a wonderful place.  I had more room there and was able to set up 2 tables. The traffic flow was lower than when I'm on the town square, but I loved seeing the Museum. 

After I set up my tables we looked around and were thrilled with all the different rooms of treasures. There…

Creativity is a life saver

I've had a tuff few years and there are days I just can't find my happy spot. I normally have a slightly childlike outlook on life, but my inner child hides some times. She has been avoiding me here lately. I did get her out of her hiding place this past Saturday when my friend Becky came by and we had a play day with poly clay. It's a really open ended creative tool for jewelry making. It becomes whatever your skills and imagination will let it be. We had a good day playing and experimenting. Took a break and had a great lunch at the Slick Pig, one of my new fav BBQ places in Murfreesboro. 

I felt so much better after a couple of hours of creative play. Bouncing ideas back and forth and just wondering what would happen if we tried this or that with the clay. 

Good things always come out of a day shared with friends and crafting. 
The Boro Art Crawl is this coming Friday night 6:00 - 9:00. I am almost ready, just need to tag the new stuff.  The weather will be nice that day t…