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So now it's time to plan and start on what 2018 will bring. I don't make new years resolutions, but there is a new phrase I will use this year Think it Through. 

During the time since Bobby's death I have moved threw a wide range of emotions but one that has been constant is not really thinking ahead. At first it seemed unnecessary to plan for the future, it was too overwhelming to even think of tomorrow. The next year wasn't even on my mind. This year it will be 4 years, it hardly seems like it. I still cry, I still miss him and I am lonely, but at least now I've started to see a little beyond the next month. I can see the year and there are things I want to do. Things I look forward to doing. It's a long journey but I've had help and took my time going threw those first years. I've settled into my new home. Figured out my way around my new town. Met new people. Go to a wonderful new Church and have my sister and her wonderful family just 15 min away. 

So back to my new catch phrase. I want to think about my actions, the food I eat, the things I say, and the money I spend. What I do with my time each day. I've let the person I was years ago disappear. I need to find her, or her new version and retake my life. 

A few days ago I closed my Etsy shop. It wasn't doing well and I was in the red continually. I do well at craft shows so I will put my energy into doing more of them. I am going to start teaching jewelry classes at JoAnn's again. I always enjoyed that. I'll also teach a few beginner art classes, starting off with color pencils. 

January's class will be basic shading/highlights to
bring your drawings to life.
The drawing will be supplied. 

February will be a cute Valentines card
You can pick from several versions

On new years day I organized and cleaned up the
bench and started on new designs.

So off into the future.

Olivia isn't all that excited about this


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With my next jewelry show a mere 15 days away I've needless to say been twisting and hammering to get new items ready. This will be the last show of the year and I really need to get busy with my Christmas sewing. I have 2 projects on the machine cabinet ready to jump into - but that will be after Nov 12 when the show is. I did combine my two loves last week thou when I was at Stefanie's sewing. I started the base for 4 different fiber jewelry projects. I've always wanted to make one of the big fiber bib necklaces and got a good start on that - it's not done yet thou. These smaller mixed media pieces are finished. 

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And speaking…