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How Other People See Your Art

I've been making jewelry and doing little art projects the bulk of my life. I mostly create in a safety zone of my comfortable colors, textures and my personal likes. When I stay in this zone I am happy with the end product due to it's so much me. I know as a artist who wants to sell my work I have to step out of that zone more than I would like. 

When someone comes into my booth at a craft show and will say who would wear that I have no problem with it. I know some of my jewelry is out there and not for everyone. I also know that the future owner of that same piece will go nuts over it. I had a lady at a show last year who said she was going to put a necklace she bought on her bed side table so it was the first thing she saw the next day. That makes my heart happy. 

I do try to see my art threw the fresh eyes of those with different tastes. This is where smaller, more quite creations come from. I like jewelry that yells hey look at me, but that is only a part of my customer base. So I have to dial it back a notch from the attention getting jewelry to the jewelry that is part of a style that seeks no attention at all. 

I've had to develop a new more refined pieces to fill this sector of my inventory. I did try a few years back to do this but I went too far and the jewelry was boring. So the everyday look must still be me, but maybe just a little less of me. 

It's hard if not impossible to know what will sell. If I did a show a few years ago and sales weren't good I can do it again and walk away with my property tax budget taken care of. I just never know and I'm not sure there is a way to have a clue about sales. I've kept my Etsy shop for years, thou I did shut it down a few years ago and just reopened last year again. Etsy hasn't ever been a money maker for me, I'm unsure how to change that. 

So all I know is to keep hammering away, designing new jewelry and learning new techniques and stretching my line to be more each year. If I put my all into this it just has to click at some point, but till then I'm in a huge company of struggling artists. 

New items fresh off the bench

I made a "few" purchases at the last bead show
and these beads and pendant were one of them. 
I loved how the beads have that geo look in the
cracks and such sparkle with the mat finish on the outside.
This necklace has sold already. 

I've had this scarab for a few months and was going 
back and forth over whether I wanted to paint it or not. 
Decided on it just being it's copper self and I like it. 
Beads from Stinky Dog Beads


Well she has gotten over her fear of the big outside world of my little house and roams around everywhere all the time now. This is her position while I watch TV and she has taken to sleeping with me on her own blanket. She has also become my new alarm clock and goes off between 6:00 - 6:30 every morning. It was at 5:30 at first but thank goodness she is sleeping in a bit now. She is playing with her laser light a friend gave us and seems content watching birds from the window sill. 

A very rough sketch I did the other night while watching tv. 


Gene Black said…
It is so hard to figure out what the "buying public" will like. I have sold paintings that I love and some that I thought "Ehhhh!" but I put them out there anyway. You just never know. Some that I love have sat there forlornly while (in my eyes) lesser pieces go to new homes.
I have decided to be happy if anything sells!

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