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Sometimes getting lost can help you find yourself

I went threw a seemingly long creative block and during this time when I couldn't come up with a jewelry design to  save my life I did wander off into painting again and played with the fluid art that is popular now. It was fun and did take my mind away from the bench and into different worlds of flat canvas. As I mentioned before it was kind of a reset for me. That time spent in the garage throwing paint around did influence my jewelry designs. How odd I thought but hey what ever it takes. 
So here are a few of my latest...

This 2" x 3" pendant has a aluminum hand cut "frame" and inside is 
a tiny flow art painting done on canvas paper. 
I like the way this turned out and have several other mini paintings 
to incorporate into different types of these pendants. 

Here a slightly different technique was used and I used
enamel paint and after it was dabbed on the metal
I used a straight pin to move it over the surface. 
Yes I did just say I'm painting with a straight pin. 

This pendant has 2 layers. One is painted on the aluminum
and the other on a layer of mica. The front aluminum section
was hand sawed then painted. The back section was added
to the back after the paint on the mica had dried. 
These are enamel paints by Pebeo. 

about as detailed as my sketches get

I ordered 2 of these 1900's porcelain doll heads from Easy and
they sat on the bottom shelf above my bench for 4-6 weeks. 
All I knew for sure is that somehow they would become a 
necklace.  Then it all became clear. I painted on a tiny 
section of mica for her heart and placed it over the hole I'd 
sawed from the back. The "body" was colored with torch on copper
then steel wooled to bring the shine out. The steel black wire is 
a favorite right now and seems to end up in quite a few pieces lately.

This bracelet is aluminum and painted with the same enamel paint.
Simple toggle clasp on the back. Again painted with the pin.

I painted this little river rock a few days ago and yesterday gave it a bit
of a wire cage. I did actually try to tip this little rock the way I have a 
canvas with fluid paintings which made me laugh and 
ended up using the pin again. 

Now to get the 3 pieces ready for the Crawl At The Mall
which is on Saturday May 27th. I will have 3 paintings there. 
Global Mall at the Crossings
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch TN 37013

I'll post the finished works here real soon. 
Thanks for dropping by and I'd love to hear your comments. 


Jack Coggins said…
You amaze me with your passion for your art, whether it be quilting, painting, jewelry, or your little drawings while sitting drinking coffee. I am so very proud of you and look forward to see what you come up with next...
Gene Black said…
I have loved seeing your creations and the painting results too. It is amazing how changing media can cause a giant burst of creative flow. :-)

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