Thursday, February 11

Etsy Shop Open

The Etsy shop is open. Whew that took a few long sessions at the computer, and lots of coffee.  

My 2 beautiful nieces came over to be my models for these photos. I'm not a photographer but they turned out good. We had a lot of fun and they were great and let me just keep on shooting photos. 

The night before I was wondering what I'd use as a backdrop (yea I tend to put off things to the last minute) So I had a big canvas, I go grab it and start slapping paint till I have something that will be a good background. We also used a sheet of copper for the backgrounds for the earring shots. We had a lot of fun. 
Hung the big painting over the machine
to get it out of the way. Not Bad

They brought over little Rusty, the fluffy nugget. 
You could hug on this dog for days and
I don't think he'd ever want down from your lap. 

Go by and visit the shop. Free Zen Coffee note cards
with the first 5 orders I ship. 

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Melania Fernandes said...

I would like to get a pattern of your butterfly moth. How can I get it?