Tuesday, January 6

The New Path

I've always been a rather wandering crafter. I love to do so many different crafts that I seem to never get real good at any one of them. So after much though and some good advice I've decided to make jewelry my path. I will still quilt and of course draw but they will be only fun things. Not that jewelry isn't fun, I love it. These other hobbies will be for free time between jewelry making. To advance my skills in this art form I really need to put myself into it whole hearted. I have a quilt on my machine to do for a friend and after that I'll more than likely step away from starting any other quilt projects that can't be completed in 2 days or less. 

As part of this direction the blog I started in 2008 will be changing too 

  1. Teaching Changes - I've only 2 more classes on the schedule to teach at JoAnn's and after that it's over. The classes I want to teach can't be taught there due to the new open classroom format. I'm sure the shoppers don't want to hear 4 or 5 people hammering on metal while they shop. So the classes tab will be removed. 
  2. I will however be adding a new tab with beginner helpful hints for jewelry making. 
  3. The tab Fiber will also be removed and be replaced with mixed media jewelry information. 
  4. The artwork tab will become design sketches and other jewelry design information
These changes will take a little while to be completed. For those who followed my quilting for several years, thank you. Now for the next step in my creative life. 


Gene Black said...

I am happy to see you following your passion!

Quilt Rat said...

I still want to see all you are doing....LOVE your jewelry....it is fabulous.

Like your blogs new look too!

Jayne said...

I'm excited to see where you go with this! Your jewelry is stunning and creative! I hope you still get some quilting in too! And of course...I hope you will still come to the MCMQG meeting!

B J Elder said...

This is great, Royce. You found a wonderful art to focus your time and energy on, one that will be more than art but your business, bringing your wonderful pieces to many many people. Best wishes for a great year for you!