Friday, April 25

Whirl Wind Trip

Yesterday at 4:30 I popped out of bed in a flush of excitement all hyped up for the trip to  Paducah for the 30th AQS quilt show. I met my friend Pam at 6:00 and we were off! It's about a 2.5 hour drive from Nashville (of course we had to stop and eat/stretch etc.) and we were there a bit before 10 and standing in line to get it. As always the quilt show is inspiring. To see all those amazing quilts is somewhat mind blowing. I stand before them wondering just how many hours went into these great creations. 

The show seemed more crowed than I've seen before so we had to do the quilt show shuffle the whole time - baby step - "Oh excuse me" - baby step. I didn't take my camera so please excuse my phone photo quality. But here are a few of the ones that really made me smile. I'll start with my favorite. 

This is all thread painting. The front of the blocks were white with all the "drawing" done with thread. The back blocks were black fabric painted with thread. Just amazing!

The moderns I really liked. 

Art Quilts

I did purchase a few items at the show and will share those
with you on my next post. 
For now - may your bobbin always be full.

Monday, April 21

Pulling Out of A Slump

Well my creative energy has been kind of non existent here lately cause I was so sad from the loss of our little furry friend. We lost her the last Sat of March and I'm still missing her greatly. She was 15 and I think had a very happy life with us. We miss you baby girl.

I have been doing a few things thou.
I finally finished this quilt. A lap quilt I made just
to practice my free motion on. These were my first
feathers. They leave a lot to be desired but I did learn
a lot while doing this. I did mark the center line with
a Frixion pen to help me get the general direction.  

Saturday I went to our Music City Modern Quilters Guild meeting
and we received our packets of fabric for a Michael Miller challenge
to make a small quilt using this Petal Pinwheels fabric. 
I am going to mix in a bit of off white with mine and 
do a very modern design. 

After the meeting hubby and I met up with my sister and her family
to have a birthday lunch at Red Lobster. That was fun and yummy. 

I have also been trying to get a few new things made on the jewelry front. 
I did very well last season and don't have a very good inventory left
so I really need to get busy and get items made for the summer shows. 
One of the things I wanted to do this year was get better at using
the jewelry saw and for that purpose I made this yesterday. 
 I used my little torch to give this section of copper
some beautiful colors.

Then I got out the saw and started working on
this shape. This will become a pendant and the 
little hole on the top end is where the
neck section will connect. 
This will still get texture and
a good bit of filing. 

 Another piece I have been working on is this cut out section 
of aluminum that I was striving to make look very old. 
I guess like a relic that you found - rusty.
This started out all shiny and smooth.

This is another simple pendant which started off as 3 aluminum disks
that were textured (each disk has a different texture)
and then color was added with Guilder's Paste (2 colors).
A good sealant and a little embellishment.  

And in the world of pen on paper I am working on my largest doodle I've ever done. 
This is 14" x 22" and floods 2 pages in my sketch book. I've finished the right hand
page and started working on the left yesterday. 
It will be several more days before I am done. 
I would have never thought 2 years ago when I started doing these
they would become so very addictive. 

I will be teaching another class in Creative Doodles on
May 10th from 1:00 - 4:00. 
This class covers how to create shapes to draw your patterns 
into and also shading and use of color.
Let me share my addiction with you
remember you were warned.

For now thou I need to get back to the above mentioned quilt of
Miller fabrics. I sketched up a few ideas and now to determine
which one will move forward.