Friday, January 24

To Cold To Do Anything But Create

Well it's just way to cold to even think of going out if I don't have to - and I don't. So I spent the morning sadly cleaning house. With that evil necessity behind me it's time to make a little time for playing. 

I need to cut the rest of my big hexies for that quilt and get them all stacked up so I can go to town on it this weekend. My goal is for the top to be done by Sunday! Keep your fingers crossed. 

We have a new crochet instructor at JoAnn and I just fell in love with this hat Michele designed. She brought one in as one of her samples at the interview and I just couldn't put it down. We finally decided that we would swap a hat for one of my necklaces and she made this one for me. I've had it on the past 2 days and it is very warm along with being so beautiful. I am just crazy about the texture. Something I'm not used to seeing in crochet. You can see her work here

Well I need to get my poly clay out of the oven - stay warm.

Monday, January 20

Wonderful Weekend

We had a really nice weekend. Hubby works so many Saturdays that it's rare for us to get to do things together but he was off and we met up with my sister and her family for a fun outing to celebrate her birthday.
We started off with a trip to the container store (I'd never been there) it was quite overwhelming. I saw tons of stuff I wanted but they are a bit high in price but so very nice. There were having a sale on one brand that I liked and did buy a metal basket that is the perfect size for storing fat quarter sized fabrics.

After we plundered around in the store for a good while (till little Ian & the husbands were bored stiff) we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. That of course was most yummy. On the way home hubby and I stopped at Home Depot and I picked up the other shelves I needed for completing the organizing of the fabric room. I refolded fabric and sorted it for what seemed like hours but it's all in order once again.
I found half finished projects, fabric cut out that I no longer remember what it was for and other "wonderful" surprises.

I just have more stuff than space and I am so sentimental that somethings I just can't let go of.  After all those craft shows I just took all my booth display and dumped it in the room and in short order it came to this sad state.
I couldn't get to my cutting table at all and as you can see
the fabric cutter is covered with quilts. 
I just couldn't stand to even go in there. 

Now all the folding tables are folded up except the one with the studio cutter on it.
All fabric has been sorted by type/color and put in little bins/baskets. All the items on
each shelf go together (general craft/jewelry display/fabric) so hopefully it will stay this way for a good while - or till craft show season hits again.

I am coming into the home stretch of the book I am illustrating - only 4 pages left to finalize! We are hopeful to get it to the printers the first half of February. After that I'll be sharing a little sneak peak.

Sunday, January 12

Little Bit At A Time

Well the dog bed fix worked out well and my little friend seems to like it very well with it's new very soft pillow inside.  

After I finished that I started on the craft room upstairs and worked on it for about 3 hours. It seemed at first as if the only thing I was doing was moving stuff from one side of the room to the other but I did finally start to see light at the end of the messy tunnel. I was able to get the part done where my accuquilt goes. That meant that I could try out the new hex dye today!

Here is what it looks like on the cutter. 
There is one spacer in the middle and then the blade
then another spacer. If you leave out the inside spacer it will 
cut out a hexie with an open center. I'll try that next time.

I found during my organization attack a stack of D9P that
was started over a year ago. It became fodder for the new dye. 

This will be our new table topper for the dinning room table. 
Yep it's pretty wonky but hey consider the source. 

I even did some organizing that was cute. 
How me to have 30's fabric in a Boda Fett cup with a primitive
chicken my mom made sitting there. 

Then with the furry on me of organizing I attacked
my jewelry bench and finally labeled my tool box
that I've had for ever. 

This is the "after" of the bench. It's sad to say that
yesterday morning you couldn't lay a thing on the
top surface and the shelf underneath hardly had
room for me to sit my feet. Hopefully it will stay
this way for a while. 

Friday, January 10

The Calm After The Storm

With the Holidays behind me it's time to get a clean start on the new year. After all the shows I did between Oct - Dec my jewelry bench looked like a storm hit and the sewing room is well - just horrid. So I started getting things organized a few days ago so I'll be ready to start creating in a good clean space. 

One reason I need to get the sewing room in shape is
I have 2 projects for this weekend. 
My sweet little friend seems to have pretty much
ruined her bed by trying to dig a whole in it. 

As you can see it's a big mess. So I got some denim at 50% off yesterday
and will recover it with that. I also lucked up and got the
doggie beg insert for half off too. 

While cleaning up my jewelry bench I had to make room for a few
new toys. My sister gave me all these brushes and dabbers for Christmas
and the cool old King Leo tin. The dabbers and brushes will be used
to add the wonderful patinas to my metal. Once the guilders paste gets
on a stencil brush it's pretty much for that color only from that point on. 
My grandfather always kept a tin of King Leo next to his chair in the 
living room for the grand kids so this reminds me of him so much. 

I also got a pretty big bag of vintage and retro jewelry from a friend. 
One of the great finds in the bag was a lot of really cool chain. 
Of course it wouldn't fit into my current chain box so a new
one was needed. I also got that for half off and now all the chain
is in one box and ready to play with. 

I am very fond of hexes and one day went over to the Accuquilt site
to see if they had any new dyes for this shape.
I was thrilled to find these. I check my funds and
due to the shows this fall was able to get these nesting dyes. 
This is another thing I hope to play with this weekend - 
which will force me to organize that sewing room a bit 
cause the studio cutter has a pile of quilts and stuff on top 
of it right now. Just how do things get in such a mess?

Do you have these problems with your crafting supplies?

Oh I almost forgot. Many JoAnn stores have a 
Husqvarna viking store inside them. Our store does
and when I saw this last week I went nuts. 
It's way out of my $ range, but I just had to 
sit down and give it a try. Oh my it's just wonderful. 
I had the stitch regulator turned off and it was 
just killer!

Sorry, but I just had to show you this. 
We can all dream on about it together.