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Show Business

Have I mentioned that I love doing craft shows? The one I did this past weekend was not a disappointment - fun, met some cool new people and sales were the best so far this year. Now with my next show 4 weeks from now, it's time to put it in high gear and hammer till I drop - or I drive my neighbors crazy. 

We had a cold spell here and tricks and treats were cold and frosty,  but today its 66 and that feels like a heat wave.
Have been drawing a bit here lately and the elf houses turned out cute. 

Started a zen doodle Koi this morning.  Not seeing it in color - just traditional zen black and white with shading. 

So with the sewing machine covered with projects,  tons of jewelry to make and tossing in a little drawing as often as possible - not to mention I've not started my Christmas quilting - well this will cut into my TV time for sure. I love being busy so this is good.  There is a possible book on the horizon too. 

A few years before Bobby went home he sold this old truck to a dear friend…