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The first craft show of the season is behind me. We set up the tent on Friday and the weather Friday night was horrid so I was much relieved to see the tent standing just as I'd left it on Saturday morning. Several were not as lucky. You can never have too many tent weights! Saturday the winds blew and the temp dropped. By afternoon we were in jackets and trying to stay in the tent to keep out of the wind. We did chase down some of my display several times and necklaces did jump into the grass and try to escape but they were found. I had great helpers at the show. My sister in law Kayren was my morning helper and this was her first time to do that. It was great - we have such similar since of humor we had a real good time despite the early hours and cold/wind.  I did splurge and buy this cart a few days before the show and what a life saver it was. It holds more than I could ever load up on it and rolls pretty well in grass.
Here is cheerful Kayren at the crack of dawn setting up.  Yes…