Friday, September 26

Down To The Finish Line

Well the fall/winter shows are upon me - like a wild beast. Some strange thing happened and in the last week I've ended up with 3 more shows. I'm excited about them all. I've posted the locations on my show tab so if you want to drop. 

Everything is lining up and falling into place very well. The rush prior to the first show of the season is always crazy. This Thursday I will pack everything up and it will stay in go mode till mid December.  Then a bit of a quite time and no more shows till February. 

I've been playing around with a new technique and it is a lot of fun.
Here are the first two experiments. 

The weather is getting to the perfect stage for me - thou I will like 
it even more when it drops around 60. Love fall so much. 
The colors are the ones I love the most. 


Gene Black said...

I don't know what the new technique is, but the results are delightful.

B J Elder said...

HOORAY for the additional shows! That's really exciting. How fun to create some new techniques too. You are so very clever and talented!