Tuesday, August 5

Planning Ahead

During grief my plans for my creative self are all that get me threw. They give my mind someplace to go and not be pulled into a sadness, but to think of joy. I'm so very lucky I have my creative self to hold me up. To keep me from falling into a place I do truly not want to go. I know I was given this gift to help myself and make others happy - so for now I will grab hold of it and ride it into my future. Planning shows and trying very hard to work at my bench - I have to push myself but things are getting made - thou very slowly. 

Music City Modern Quilt Guild is having a dye workshop next Saturday (Aug 16th) which I'm excited about. I've not been to one of the meetings in months and it will be nice to see folks again and play with dye. I love dying fabric so it will be great to get some pointers from a real pro like Jayne. Here is her blog - and her Etsy

This weekend we are celebrating my niece's collage graduation - wow time flies. Speaking of time flying my little Ian is going to kindergarten next week! Yikes how did that happen. 

Today I made several pair of earrings
this being one of my new patterns. 
 This tiny wire coiling is very relaxing and these small
projects are easy to do while watching hours of Criminal Minds. 

This is a very organic chunky pendant
I really liked the textures. 
Natural stone/clay and wood


Jenny said...

I'm so delighted you'll join us for the guild field trip. Looks like we'll also see Betty for the first time in several months. You two should have a few new people to meet.

These jewelry pieces are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with your dyed fabric too. I am cooking up plans in my head for mine already. Something very, very organic.

Gene Black said...

I find it amazing what different people find relaxing. Coiling that tiny wire would be a tense thing for me. But some of the things I find relaxing ( like spinning yarn) are tension makers for others.

I am glad our creative abilities are so freeing - and I am glad yours is helping you through your grief.

B J Elder said...

Love those hoop earrings, but mostly to know you are creating! So good for your soul.
The fabric dying sounds like fun. It will be wonderful to be back at your guild, I am sure.
That Ian is growing up too fast! And then I think.... only a year and our Miss Bailey will be in Kindergarten! How do they grow up and get old and we don't? LOL