Friday, July 11

Life's Changes

Very often in life changes come alone that will end one part of your life and start another. In May I had one of these changes. I'm not sure what will happen next - I don't know from day to day how I will react to tiny little things not to mention bigger bumps in the road. I do know if not for my faith I'd be rolled up in a ball in a corner someplace with little light in my life or in my soul. All I know is I miss my husband so much there are no words to tell you. 

During this time my creative life has slowed to a near stop. My drawings are sad and my quilting is non existent. 

I know things will continue to change and evolve
but for now it's hard to see past the hour I am in. 


Jenny said...

Hugs to you, Royce.

B J Elder said...

It's okay to take things an hour at a time, my friend. Each day will be different, some more joyful than others. Hang in there and hang on to God ... He is right there with you along the journey.

WalkingWithFeathers said...

Peace, comfort, and hope to you! Praying for you!


Gene Black said...

Peace Royce. Take the time you need to process and honor your grief and your memories. There is no timetable you have to meet on this.
Drawing and allowing the feelings to become concrete in this way will certainly help