Saturday, June 21

Recapturing Creativity

I'm sure all of us have gaps where the creative part of ourselves just runs off and leaves us alone and in a sad non creative state. I have been in that state for weeks now and miss that part of myself so badly. If you are a creative person that part of yourself is needed for your total self to be whole. When I'm not creating something I feel that whole and want it filled. But there are times when you just for what ever reason have no creative energy. I've tried to fill that gap with looking at Pintrest, thinking of things I'd like to do but it seems that just nothing is moving me into creating something - anything.
I think that it would help to to get threw this time to be creative - still nothing happens. It's as if a part of me was lost - just wandered off and left me all alone in this big world filled with...nothing.

So today I decided that I would park myself at my bench and if nothing else I'd make some mindless -  clasps or something just to get my hands working and my mind into that wonderful blissful place where it's the happiest. I kept waiting for it to return to me, but now think I might just need to go out and hunt that creative self down. So off I go to find it once again. Sometimes when events happen in our lives we loose a part of ourself for a time. It's natural I know but I won't let it go on any longer.

One little step at a time I will get this back and there is no time like right now to take that first step.


Gene Black said...

Sometimes it just "turns off" with no explainable reason. give yourself time. Look at the clouds and the stars; watch a tree swaying in the wind.
It will find you.

Jenny said...

Royce, we discussed the fabric challenge at guild today. I am really pushing everyone to participate in some way, even if it's a mini quilt, pillow cover, or table runner. If you need a bit of "business," -- an assignment to give yourself -- put that on your list. The deadline is July 25, I think, right after the July meeting, so I hope to see lots of finished or almost finished projects at that meeting. Hugs.

B J Elder said...

It will return, my friend. God blessed you with a wonderful gift and He wants you to use it. Doing a little here and there is good, get your "feet wet" again and soon you'll be swimming!