Friday, April 25

Whirl Wind Trip

Yesterday at 4:30 I popped out of bed in a flush of excitement all hyped up for the trip to  Paducah for the 30th AQS quilt show. I met my friend Pam at 6:00 and we were off! It's about a 2.5 hour drive from Nashville (of course we had to stop and eat/stretch etc.) and we were there a bit before 10 and standing in line to get it. As always the quilt show is inspiring. To see all those amazing quilts is somewhat mind blowing. I stand before them wondering just how many hours went into these great creations. 

The show seemed more crowed than I've seen before so we had to do the quilt show shuffle the whole time - baby step - "Oh excuse me" - baby step. I didn't take my camera so please excuse my phone photo quality. But here are a few of the ones that really made me smile. I'll start with my favorite. 

This is all thread painting. The front of the blocks were white with all the "drawing" done with thread. The back blocks were black fabric painted with thread. Just amazing!

The moderns I really liked. 

Art Quilts

I did purchase a few items at the show and will share those
with you on my next post. 
For now - may your bobbin always be full.


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Amazing quilts. So glad you were able to go see them in person! The first one had to have taken many many many hours. It is fabulous!