Monday, March 24

Where did the time go?

Well I just realized I'd not been back in blogville in ages.
I've been busy doing this and that as normal. 

We celebrated Ian's 5th birthday weekend before last - I just can't cope with him being 5 now! Wow seems like it was just yesterday that the little cutie was in his little footed pjs. I made him this little shirt to wear to his party. I helped Angel and we made about 20 red capes for the other kids to wear. It was a superman theme party. 

This past weekend we had hubby's birthday - no cute shirt required. 

The book I have been working on for a good bit is now at the printer and
will be available very soon. The author Sarah wrote the most precious story
and even if I say so myself the drawings are so cute.

Isn't this fabric sweet. My friend Pam gave this to me and I love
the print and the colors. Not sure what it will become but for
now it's laying on the machine so I can just look at it and give it
that little pat and rub like I do all my fabrics. 

Here are my 3 latest jewelry projects. The top left is my 
very first soldering project! I was so proud. It's far from being
a good job and I'll keep this cuff for myself but it was fun to learn
(hubby taught me) and I could tell I was getting better as I went along. 
Another use for my torch! yea!

I have started a new series of zen doodle note cards and
this one The Music City Series will be selling at 
Fontanel Gift shop as soon as it is completed. 
This is the guitar one with just the outline prior to
the doodling being done. They are all in the pick shape. 
There is also a banjo and fiddle and of course cowboy boots with
the Nashville skyline in the background.  
These will be in black and white. 

Well I need to get back to my doodles, but first
a quick lunch. 


Jenny said...

fun stuff! I'm sure all your buyers consider your items treasures (I have one such treasure on my wall), but I promise those capes will be cherished. My oldest got one (and not even a particularly well made one) at a birthday party when he was small, and now it's on its second brother.

B J Elder said...

My goodness, time flies. Ian is 5 already! A Superman party sounds perfect. I bet he had a wonderful time.
The book you illustrated sounds really fun. You are a woman of so many talents!

Gene Black said...

Wow that baby has grown! I hope he and your hubby both had great birthdays.

I can hardly wait to see those zen doodles!