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Where did the time go?

Well I just realized I'd not been back in blogville in ages. I've been busy doing this and that as normal. 
We celebrated Ian's 5th birthday weekend before last - I just can't cope with him being 5 now! Wow seems like it was just yesterday that the little cutie was in his little footed pjs. I made him this little shirt to wear to his party. I helped Angel and we made about 20 red capes for the other kids to wear. It was a superman theme party. 

This past weekend we had hubby's birthday - no cute shirt required. 
The book I have been working on for a good bit is now at the printer and will be available very soon. The author Sarah wrote the most precious story and even if I say so myself the drawings are so cute.

Isn't this fabric sweet. My friend Pam gave this to me and I love the print and the colors. Not sure what it will become but for now it's laying on the machine so I can just look at it and give it that little pat and rub like I do all my fabrics. 

Here are my 3…

Wonderful Saturday

This past Saturday I had nothing planned, which means play time! So I was working on learning how to quilt feathers. As I mentioned these don't come easy for me so I'm trying different versions (with echoing, with open spines etc.) This practice of feathers is being done on a small lap quilt. In the past I practiced new patterns on a smaller section - a little mini quilt. Then I found out that once I moved onto a larger quilt it kind of changes everything. So now I do even learning curve practice on a larger quilt. It's just different than that small 14x14 square. Moving the small lap quilt around and quilting the feathers on it is harder but gives me a better practice session. I also started off with really big feathers. 

I also received a wonderful package on Saturday with 2 beautiful 1950's vintage Japanese kimonos. When Char told me she had these and asked if I wanted them of course I said yes! Not knowing the condition they were in I had planned on taking them apart …