Friday, February 21

What I've been up to

I've been having a few back issues and can't quite seem to get rid of that so I've not been quilting as I want to do. It gives me more time to draw and think up new jewelry designs. 

Aluminum segmented bracelet. 

A 2" wide cuff done very simply. 

I've quite falling in love with these big chunky stones. 
My friend Becky calls them Wilma Flintstone beads. 
Remember her necklace?

One thing I am wanting to do is improve my sawing. 
So I thought I'd make several designs that used the little saw

I love my reverse tweezers. 

More things that were sawed. I really like the small 
ragged shape on the edge of these pieces. 
Slow going to saw and takes a good bit of filing but worth it.

My latest zen doodle for my Quilt series. Working on the
sewing machine now. I chose a featherweight. 
These will all be in black and white.

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Gene Black said...

I love your Zen doodles