Tuesday, February 4

Home Again

I've had a wonderful little vacation of quilting. We left town on Thursday and got back yesterday. Stefanie, Trudy and I went off to the cabin in Golconda Illinois and had a wonderful girls trip. We started off with a trip into Paducah to Hancocks. I'd told myself I'd stay away from Hancock's but my lack of self control was compromised. 

 First I hit the remnant table and found this.
Thinking of making something for Angel
not quite sure what yet...hum. 

 Then I saw this collection and just had to have as much as possible. 
this top one is 10.5" squares and I got a 6 block section
off the remnant table. 

This panel has 6.5" blocks (I got 2 panels)

 The border print was a must of course!

And a couple yards of this - just couldn't do without!

Back at the cabin we set up our sewing area
and got down to business

I didn't cut enough of my hexies, but did get this much of
my wonkie lap quilt put together.
There will be another row of off white hexies
on the left side, then a border. 

I also took the bunch of civil war bits I'd cut out for
the square in a square technique. I just went off into 
Royce mode and started sewing them together - no pattern
no thinking ahead. I so enjoy this.

Stefanie and Trudy are football fans so they watched about 3/4 of the super bowl. 
I am not a football fan but did spend that time with a good book. Book 3 of the 
Game of Thrones series. I did how ever really enjoy the super bowl commercials. 
With out a doubt this was my favorite one. It still cracks me up to look at. 

Well on Monday the good times were over and
after a little worry that we might not be able to 
get out of there Stefanie managed to conquer the snow
and we sadly started home. 

It was a wonderful 4 days.

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Eunice Burns said...

Sounds fun. I love the fabrics you found!