Friday, January 24

To Cold To Do Anything But Create

Well it's just way to cold to even think of going out if I don't have to - and I don't. So I spent the morning sadly cleaning house. With that evil necessity behind me it's time to make a little time for playing. 

I need to cut the rest of my big hexies for that quilt and get them all stacked up so I can go to town on it this weekend. My goal is for the top to be done by Sunday! Keep your fingers crossed. 

We have a new crochet instructor at JoAnn and I just fell in love with this hat Michele designed. She brought one in as one of her samples at the interview and I just couldn't put it down. We finally decided that we would swap a hat for one of my necklaces and she made this one for me. I've had it on the past 2 days and it is very warm along with being so beautiful. I am just crazy about the texture. Something I'm not used to seeing in crochet. You can see her work here

Well I need to get my poly clay out of the oven - stay warm.


B J Elder said...

Sounds like a great trade. You both came out winners! Now to see a picture of you with your great hat on!

Jayne said...

I love that hat too and can see why you might wear it for days on end!