Friday, January 10

The Calm After The Storm

With the Holidays behind me it's time to get a clean start on the new year. After all the shows I did between Oct - Dec my jewelry bench looked like a storm hit and the sewing room is well - just horrid. So I started getting things organized a few days ago so I'll be ready to start creating in a good clean space. 

One reason I need to get the sewing room in shape is
I have 2 projects for this weekend. 
My sweet little friend seems to have pretty much
ruined her bed by trying to dig a whole in it. 

As you can see it's a big mess. So I got some denim at 50% off yesterday
and will recover it with that. I also lucked up and got the
doggie beg insert for half off too. 

While cleaning up my jewelry bench I had to make room for a few
new toys. My sister gave me all these brushes and dabbers for Christmas
and the cool old King Leo tin. The dabbers and brushes will be used
to add the wonderful patinas to my metal. Once the guilders paste gets
on a stencil brush it's pretty much for that color only from that point on. 
My grandfather always kept a tin of King Leo next to his chair in the 
living room for the grand kids so this reminds me of him so much. 

I also got a pretty big bag of vintage and retro jewelry from a friend. 
One of the great finds in the bag was a lot of really cool chain. 
Of course it wouldn't fit into my current chain box so a new
one was needed. I also got that for half off and now all the chain
is in one box and ready to play with. 

I am very fond of hexes and one day went over to the Accuquilt site
to see if they had any new dyes for this shape.
I was thrilled to find these. I check my funds and
due to the shows this fall was able to get these nesting dyes. 
This is another thing I hope to play with this weekend - 
which will force me to organize that sewing room a bit 
cause the studio cutter has a pile of quilts and stuff on top 
of it right now. Just how do things get in such a mess?

Do you have these problems with your crafting supplies?

Oh I almost forgot. Many JoAnn stores have a 
Husqvarna viking store inside them. Our store does
and when I saw this last week I went nuts. 
It's way out of my $ range, but I just had to 
sit down and give it a try. Oh my it's just wonderful. 
I had the stitch regulator turned off and it was 
just killer!

Sorry, but I just had to show you this. 
We can all dream on about it together. 


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I've been dreaming about a new machine myself. Can't afford the ones I like either, but do like to day dream.

Your puppy is so beautiful. I miss having a dog. One of our weenie dogs dug all the time so we named her Digger....:)

Sandies' Patch said...

I know what you mean about the sewing/craft room scenario!
I think with me, it's a case of, "Oh, I'll just put it there and sort/put it away later." Rarely happens though does it?

B J Elder said...

It is fun to dream and drool, isn't it? Looks like a fun machine. And what fun new tools and toys to play with for your jewelry making!
I am sure Ginger is going to enjoy her new bed.