Friday, August 2

Fabric Road Trip

On Tuesday Susan and I hit the road and went to the quaint little town of Fayetteville TN. Our main reason was to go to  Sirs Fabrics. Sirs has been around since 1948 and is well know for it's priced right fabrics. They have all kinds of fabrics but the home dec is very affordable. Susan was wanting drapery fabric and I needed pillow forms and fabric to make my sister in law some pillows. 

Fayetteville is a small town with not quite 7,000 people. Has some great old homes that are civil war era and just beautiful. We wished we had more time to see the other shops on the town square. Got these great fabrics for just $4.99 a yard. Yes you can order on line. I'll be making my little monsters with this. 

After shopping in Sirs we needed lunch and I suggested we eat at Honey's
I had lunch there the last time I went and really liked it. 
Honey's has over 50 years of good food and friendly service. 

 The inside hasn't changed much from the old photos on the wall. 
After lunch we dropped into the Sugar Shack - oh my goodness. 

This was beyond tasty!

On our way out of town we looked for a quilt shop we had noticed
on our way in. There was a tiny sign out by the main road and
we turned in and saw this beautiful house. I didn't ask how old
the house is - wish I had. The town is full of old civil war era homes thou. 

There was a welcoming committee on the front porch.  
They didn't seem to interested in us till Susan started rubbing
their little heads and talking to them. 

 The shop is the entire downstairs of this home and the owner lives upstairs. 
Each room held different collections of fabrics and the prices were very nice. 
I for sure want to go back and check out when we have more time and money.  

 Susan was told that this is the block that ladies stepped onto as
they were getting out of their carriages. 

I am wanting to make a penny rug and these wool pieces are
the start of a collection for that. I also picked up a few 30's
and some clips for binding. I saw a new Art to Heart book
but I'd spend too much already but it's now on my wish list. 

I may be a mia blogger for a bit due to our new JoAnn's opening
on Aug. 30th. There will be a lot to do getting our new classroom
all ready for the grand opening.
We're all looking forward to the new store. I'll be going in to work
about 30 min prior to my normal hit the snooze time so that will be
hard but it will be a lot of fun setting things up in the classroom. 

Also I will be on a local tv news/talk show on Aug. 29th telling about our
new store and the classes we offer. My 4 minutes of fame.