Monday, May 20

Wow how time flies

I felt like it had been a bit since my last post then I saw how long
it really had been! Made me wonder what I've been up to.
Well in my defense I've been a bit down in my back and not
really getting a lot done beyond what was really needed. 
(going to work and cooking dinner)
I'm doing some better now but not back to normal yet. 

But I have been working slowly on a baby quilt and wanted
to share what I've done so far. 

The fabrics

All cut and ready to start the top

 Working out the layout on my design "floor"

Getting design advise from my side kick!
I told her if she wasn't so cute she would 
have gotten a spanking for this mess.

Finally getting it all worked out (again)

Top finished

Quilting done

Check out the binding!

Also made a little friend to go with the baby quilt. 
He made me smile. I just love the little monsters. 

So I should have this quilt completed by the end of
the week and it can go to it's new home after it
gets a ride in the washer/dryer. I love how quilts
look after they have their first wash.

Got the table runner finished and
on the coffee table just this morning.
It sat waiting for it's binding to be finished for
near 2 weeks but I finally got it done.

Friday, May 3

What's Happening Today

It seemed to be taking forever to get the fabric here for my next project, 
so I thought I'd make a table runner from this nice fabric I picked out of
the remnant bin at Hancock of Paducah several months ago. 
You know how much I love the oriental fabrics. 
I'll use the self binding on this small table runner

We are expecting heavy rain today maybe up to 3 inches and I rushed out
last night and took a photo of this plant cause
I feared the rain would beat up the pretty blooms. 
My mom gave me this plant the year Bobby and I were married. 

 The fabric for the baby quilt finally got her this past Tuesday and I'm ready to
start cutting as soon as the table runner is finished which will be very soon - the
quilting is over half done now. These are the "solids" and prints for the baby quilt. 
I'm using my favorite Moda grunge for the "solids" and some Riley Blake for the prints.  

 My friend Stefanie gave me a gift card from Burgundy Buttons for my birthday and
I got this charm pack to make a little lap quilt with. It will have white in it! Stefanie
is the one who finally got me to use white in my quilts. It wasn't easy for me to make
that jump. She who loves earth tones finds it hard to get out of the dark color box.
I also got yardage for the 2wenty Thr3e Five fat quarter bundle I got a while back. 

And last but surely not least is a model who often gets very tired of his
mom the photographer. I'm so glad thou to get these wonderful photos. 

I've been scrap booking for years and some how with so much to scrap about
now I seem to have less time to enjoy this hobby. So I've decided to start Ian's
scrap books as digital. This will be much easier for me cause I can work on
his scrap books in small time sections and don't have to get out any supplies
or make a space to work in and of course the cost is much lower. 
In what other world besides digital can you
use a sheet of paper over and over?

Here is an example of what the pages are looking like. 

Well that's all for now, need to roll back to the sewing 
machine and finish up that table runner.