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Merry Christmas

Wow it's Christmas Eve! How did that happen? Things have been a mad rush the last week but I guess that is just part of the holiday season. Today thou I'm staying in and keeping warm and enjoying a little baking and relaxing with my sweet hubby. 

We had a wonderful Christmas Party at our last guild meeting. A Dirty Santa swap and swapping beautiful hand crafted gifts. 
I really was blessed with my gift. We fill out a tiny form saying what we would like to get. Type of fabrics etc. I just asked for a small zipper bag made from Tim Holtz fabrics. 
Look what I got!
The beautiful big tote bag and it's 2 "babies" were a wonderful surprise.  Jenny made these treasures for me and I'm just crazy about them.  The formed zipper bag is made all of selvage!   The flat little zipper bag is in it's new home in my purse. 
 Look at all the great big pockets!
And with a bit of aggression I scored this in the Dirty Santa swap.  (yes I had to steal it from another guild member)
I did …

Back To The Machine

With all the shows this fall/winter I've not had much time for creative sewing. So I really enjoyed making this wall hanging. I really needed to get back in touch with my fiber self. I have had a quilty quilt on the machine for months that needs quilting, but it didn't draw me back like this little wall hanging did. I became pretty absorbed in this project. I have my normal layers of textures and embellishments that I so love to work with. 
 First thing - I pull out my wood burning tool and attack a section of sheer fabric.  Note: put a section of card board under the fabric!
This is what it looks like after the fabric is de-stressed.  I love the look. Then I free motioned over it. 

Then I start auditioning all the different components I have gotten out for this piece.  The background fabric seemed too light so I de-stressed it with Instant Antique. 

It all came together just like I wanted and I  love the finished piece. 
Here is a closeup of the embellishments.
The back complete with a sm…