Sunday, October 27

Cold Weather Didn't Hamper Our Show

It was really cold yesterday morning. 28 to be exact, but with my long johns on and a love of craft shows I started off the day in good but cold spirits. The shoppers were out in full force and sales were brisk. This was my last outdoor show and I have to admit I'm glad.

I had a cherry spot thanks to my friend Jim C who is a extraordinary wood carver. 
I love his beautiful work.   Here are 2 of his beautiful wooden bowls I have.

My friend Becky (also a jewelry designer) came out to endure the cold and help out
in my booth. She is a real trooper to put up with the weather and
the not so exciting day of sitting a booth. 
Thanks Becky!

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Gene Black said...

I am so glad to hear that sales were good. I am hoping for good sales at my event also. At least I will be inside.