Saturday, September 28

Fall is the Time For Craft Shows

Well fall is here - loving the weather we are having. I just don't like summer heat. Fall on the other hand is a beautiful time of year for me. With fall comes prepping for the fall / winter craft shows. The jewelry I've been making all summer now is getting tagged and new booth display being set up to see how everything works. 
This pile was on my dinning room table for days
getting everything tagged and listed

Working out the bugs for the additions to my display.
It looks like I'm opening up shop in my spare room.

Tomorrow I will be closing my Etsy shop. It's been fun but as I mentioned more can be sold at shows so I will let go of Etsy and hopefully have more time for other fun stuff. 

Last week we went back to the zoo for the first time in over a month. I had missed these outings. That have a new area open with Kangaroos that was so fun. I'd never seen one in person before and they are so laid back. Us humans stay on the path (pretty much) and the roos come over and let you pet them. 

Well that's all for today. I got a juicer and made some really yummy juice
yesterday (orange, pineapple, grape, apple) think I'm ready for a big glass.


Gene Black said...

Good luck selling! I hope you have fun and make some $$$.
That boy gets cuter every day!

B J Elder said...

A day at the zoo with a special nephew... pretty nice! I'm sure he loved his time with Aunt Woyce.

Wishing you the best on your sales! Your jewelry and art quilts are really great.