Monday, September 2

Back To Normal - Finally!

Well the weeks of working at the new JoAnn's getting it ready for the opening are finally behind me. What a workout that was! The first week I was so tired when I got home from the 8-5 day that I just turned into a lump on the couch. Dinners were sad but dear hubby was such a good sport. Our soft opening on the 30th was very crowded and there were over 50 people waiting for the doors to open. We ran out of shopping carts within 30 min. I'm sure the big buzz will calm down soon  - but it seemed a lot of our local crafters really missed our store. I worked to get the new classroom all set up and it's so very pretty - open and so well lit. 
So with a normal work schedule starting this week I can plan to again hear the hum of the sewing machine and click of my jewelry tools. Also the comforting feel of pen on paper to draw again. All this has fallen by the way side this month and I've missed it much more than I would have thought. 
This past week I had my 4 minutes of fame and was on a local show called Talk of the Town. You can visit the link and click on Daily Hotlines then on Thursday Aug 29th, and I am the 3rd segment (under the bruschetta segment is a next button). I was pretty nervous but didn't do too bad. 

I did reward myself when I worked on Saturday and picked up a few things that had been nagging at me during the long weeks of set up. 
I was thrilled when one of the girls told me during set up that we would be carrying Tim Holtz fabric. Oh joy of joys! So these are my first 3 to purchase and I'll be getting more each week till I have them all. Won't these look grand with the Moda grunge?

This book was also a must have and has great examples
of Mandalas and lots of tangle styles. 

 From the paper crafts section I picked up this darling little bird cage which is about 1.75" tall and the back comes off so you can build something cool inside. Not sure yet what that will be and if it will turn into jewelry or end up on a mix media piece. Had to have it thou. 

When my sister posted on Instragram a monster I made for Ian the lady who is
in charge of Christmas on Madison Ave said oh I hope Royce brings these to the show. 
Well that was all the escuse I needed to make a bunch of these monsters. Their will be
3 different sizes and they all will be different. These are the first ones I made yesterday. 

 I have 2 more cut out and a stack of fabrics set aside to make many more. There of course will be one, the master of the monsters that will be steam punk. He will hold the sign telling their prices which will be $5, $10 and $15 depending on size. I think he will be really funky. Each monster will come with a tag telling his/her name and a bit about them. 

That is all for now. Hopefully I will be back into creating and blogging
and regain my creative life. 

Please check out the upcoming shows I'll be at on the Craft Show Tab.


B J Elder said...

Love those new fabrics - they are so Royce! LOL And using them for the monsters... too fun! Glad things are settling back down so you can create again.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Now maybe you can relax with the bigger part of the work behind. Sure love your creature and that clock fabric.

NancyL said...

Everyone needs a cute monster in their life.

nancy Lannom