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Fall is the Time For Craft Shows

Well fall is here - loving the weather we are having. I just don't like summer heat. Fall on the other hand is a beautiful time of year for me. With fall comes prepping for the fall / winter craft shows. The jewelry I've been making all summer now is getting tagged and new booth display being set up to see how everything works. 
This pile was on my dinning room table for days getting everything tagged and listed
Working out the bugs for the additions to my display. It looks like I'm opening up shop in my spare room.

Tomorrow I will be closing my Etsy shop. It's been fun but as I mentioned more can be sold at shows so I will let go of Etsy and hopefully have more time for other fun stuff. 

Last week we went back to the zoo for the first time in over a month. I had missed these outings. That have a new area open with Kangaroos that was so fun. I'd never seen one in person before and they are so laid back. Us humans stay on the path (pretty much) and the roos come over and …

A Day Off & New Goodies

Well hopefully I'm ready for a creative weekend. Yesterday I worked half a day and did a bit of shopping afterwards. A yard sale find were these tiny spoons which are on my jewelry bench. Their end use is unsure at this point, but they look like they will be fun. 

Then a quick stop at Red Dog Beads in East Nashville and new goodies. 

 A Etsy order for some chainmaille components came in too!
I am also back to drawing and have started this doodle. Can't wait to get to the color part.
Next week is the Grand Opening at our New JoAnn's so it will be a busy week.  So for now I play.

Back To Normal - Finally!

Well the weeks of working at the new JoAnn's getting it ready for the opening are finally behind me. What a workout that was! The first week I was so tired when I got home from the 8-5 day that I just turned into a lump on the couch. Dinners were sad but dear hubby was such a good sport. Our soft opening on the 30th was very crowded and there were over 50 people waiting for the doors to open. We ran out of shopping carts within 30 min. I'm sure the big buzz will calm down soon  - but it seemed a lot of our local crafters really missed our store. I worked to get the new classroom all set up and it's so very pretty - open and so well lit. 
So with a normal work schedule starting this week I can plan to again hear the hum of the sewing machine and click of my jewelry tools. Also the comforting feel of pen on paper to draw again. All this has fallen by the way side this month and I've missed it much more than I would have thought. 
This past week I had my 4 minutes of fame a…