Tuesday, July 16

Second Thoughts

While working on the teal and gray back for the comma quilt I decided I didn't really like it for a back. So I just kept sewing and it's now it's another top. Well now I have 2 to quilt. I ordered more of the comma fabric for the back of the yellow and gray quilt, I think that will be much better. I just love that fabric. Not my normal colors at all but I really like it.

So I wanted to use the 2nd top as quilting practice for different patterns. 
The large areas of "solids" will be great for that. So I started marking the top. 

I've used a Frixion pen to mark up my quilting patterns

And this will be the back of this quilt. Thinking of using a giant
stack n' whack look to be in contrast with the blocky look on the front. 

Went out to our JoAnn's yesterday to take advantage of the moving liquidation sale. 
I was on the hunt for solids. Two I was looking for, black and white were all gone. 
I did find this beautiful black and white print thou which I think will be great for quilt backs. Everything in the store must go and is priced just right. We are really looking forward to the new store opening.

This DMC thread will be used on a new project I want to start soon. Penny rugs. I just
love the look of them and really want to try this out. Most of the ones I've seen where Civil War colors/patterns, but I want to try making some more modern Christmas style.

Well need to get to that quilt really want to get the gray and teal
pinned today and ready to quilt. Just need to get that pesky housework
out of the way and then it's quilt time. 

Wednesday, July 10

UFO - back on track

Well I started a "grandmother's flower garden" quilt months ago. If you have ever tried one of these you know it's a slow process and you do really need to stick with it. I didn't. So it just sat there. It seems like you work and sew your little fingers to death and your quilt isn't getting any bigger. 

My first try at this technique was with larger sections and I did a pillow and finished it  pretty quick. Edna taught me this in just a few minutes one day and I just love it. OK I did say I'd never do hand work, but I stand corrected. 

Last night I cut out a lot of new fabrics and organized
them in my "hexie" sewing box. I cut these out with my
studio cutter which is so super fast. 

Isn't this just the cutest fabric!

 Yesterday I printed out some half hexies so my edges will be straight. 
I've seen a lot of quilts that have the regular hex shaped edges but I just didn't
want to try to bind that. So with these half blocks my binding will be straight. 
Much easier. 

The half and whole hexie foundations all ready 

 Then one of those silly ideas popped out of my head. 
I wanted to try a different shape. 
So I made these "double hexie"

After I made the half hexie I saw it would be possible
to work in different shapes such as the double. 
I am still wanting to figure out a way to work 2 different
sizes hexie into one design. 

Puttering around at my jewelry bench 
and made this necklace last weekend. 
The focal element is from an old bracelet that I 
used to wear back in the 80's. 

Saturday, July 6

Rain, Rain and even more Rain

Well with the current weather it's just not fit outside for anything. As WC Fields said "Not a fit night out for man nor beast". 

I sadly realized I'd not checked/updated my jewelry inventory for, well months and so that had to be done. After doing that I realized there is a ton of stuff not in my etsy shop. Oh dear I've been a bad girl. I use the summer to build up my inventory and all my shows are in the fall / winter. I just can't hack it out in the 90 degree weather all day. Also in the spring you have the issue of being rained out and most shows don't refund your booth money if you are rained out. Sad but true. So after getting hailed on last spring I decided to let those shows go. Standing there trying to hold my tent down during that storm was kind of an eye opener. So with my inventory completed and the bulk of house work done I'm ready to sew the day away. 

This past Tuesday I finished my little "zoo" bag. It turned out real cute and will be great when I don't want to carry my purse. I learned a lot doing this and no longer have any fear of zippers. The name came from me wanting a small bag to carry to the zoo. I just needed it to hold my wallet, sunglasses, keys and phone. It's perfect and the long strap goes across my body to stay in place while running and playing with Ian. 

The front has 2 pockets, one open and the other with a zipper

 The inside has 2 small pockets and a loop to hang my keys on

I love this clock fabric

Another fiber cuff completed. I need to go on the hunt
for more old buttons - I'm getting low. 

The back of the yellow and gray quilt. I took some advice from 
Gene about the colors/pattern and came up with this. More modern
improv that will be the perfect home for the quilting sampler I want to do. 

Finally finished this long horn bead. Picked it up at 
Red Dog and did all the wire weaving over it. I knew what
I wanted to do with it but it just took forever to get started/finished.

closeup showing the knotting

a little mixed media pin, still thinking
am I finished?