Saturday, June 22

Where has the time gone?

Well I look back on here and think didn't I just post a few days ago? Well I guess not. Not sure where my time goes but it flies by so quickly. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off in here due to me being in the early stages of a mixed media project. Part is on the sewing cabinet and it has spread to the jewelry bench and even overflows into the chair. I always seem to make the biggest messes when doing mixed media due to the many supplies I like to use. I am trying to get them under control thou.

One day while walking threw JoAnn I saw this oh so cute little faux suitcase that had been red tagged for a quick sale and I thought hey you need to come home with me. 
I thought I could use it for something but not sure what

Also picked up some new trims - some 
were marked down as low as 50 cents a yard

I went nuts when I saw this black beaded trim
for 97 cents a yard

Then it hit me where to store all these trims

I did get a few jewelry things done this week
 simple cuff bracelet - love the big butterfly

and a brooch with copper, aluminum and a beautiful bead from Red Dog

There was a arts/crafts show near my house and since it
was so close I dropped in this morning. I just couldn't
pass up this print. I love all things Star Wars and
Bodda Fett is my fav charter in the movies. 
For those non fans he is a bounty hunter and
pretty much a no nonsense bad guy. 
Him holding a bunny was just too much of a twist. 
After getting a frame I'll hang this next to my
jewelry bench. Just love it. 

And another art project that I did was completed this morning. 
(remember the zen coffee - drawing while I have my morning cup of joe)
Well this took 2 mornings and it's to show those little crazy/silly/or sometimes
completely rational ideas that just pop out of my head. 
Sometime I think that little trap door gets locked cause creativity stops
and it's hard to get it started again. I guess that is when my little monster
pushes hard and breaks out. 

Well back to the fiber cuff assembly line.


Robin said...

I'm here to see if you're posting any hexie pictures... will continue to look. In the meantime, I enjoyed the variety of pictures and stories in this post, am intrigued by the fiber cuff project, and love the bunny print!

B J Elder said...

Love the Boba Fett picture!Too cute. What a lot of great finds you have recently acquired. Your creativity is so wonderful - I love seeing the variety of things you come up with, in so many different mediums. Such talent. Hoping some will rub off on me! LOL

Gene Black said...

I am so evil - I saw Boba Fett and the bunny and thought "oh he has caught his lunch"

I love the butterfly cuff. I want to see fabric cuffs when they are finished.