Saturday, June 8

More Creative Time

Well this past Tuesday I found out that for June and July I will only be working 1 day a week! For about an hour I thought darn less money - then I came to my senses and thought Hey! more time at home! What a silly girl I am. So I started off with doing a few things around the house that really needed to be done. 

I had purchased the frames a while back to make a family tree. It took longer to pick out the photos than to paint the tree on the wall so it was done in an afternoon. 

An old 1950's photo of my mom holds a place of 
honor in the center with the rest of the family around her. 

Another part of the hall has our DVD shelf. It's just the depth of the DVDs and 
takes up almost no space in the hall. It also gives me a place to display a few
of my favorite little eye candy items. 

The shelf is special to me cause my brother in law and little Ian made
it for us. I have the sweetest video of Ian painting away telling who 
the shelf is for. 

And speaking of Ian here is a beautiful photo
my sister took of him one day while they were
working in the yard. Just look at those eyes, and 
sweet little hands. How lucky I am to have a 
child in my life.

Well off to the sewing machine and
the yellow and gray quilt. 


Gene Black said...

Extra time at home is okay if the bank account doesn't suffer too much.
Ian is just adorable.

Eunice Burns said...

Love the tree Royce. I've been wanting to do that too. Did you freehand the tree? This is Kathy from MCMQG, aka Eunice.

B J Elder said...

Love the family tree! Great idea and the shelves are great too.... extra special with Ian's touch on them.

Robin said...

Ian is adorable! I love the idea of using a CD shelf in a hallway to display treasures. I'm gonna steal that one!