Saturday, June 29

2 Really Fun Days

Well yesterday I went to my friend Stefanie's house and we had a wonderful day quilting. I got the top finished on my gray and yellow quilt (yes that is it's name for now) I am very excited to start quilting on this.  We had a wonderful lunch at Barbara's and were lucky enough to get the last slice of the eye rolling, lip smacking coconut cake. As our sweet waitress told us the last piece is the largest. So we shared this huge piece of cake and discussed our fond memories that the beautiful and oh so yummy cake brought back to both of us. 

My fond memories from childhood was having lunch at Harvey's in down town Nashville. It was a wonderful experience to eat lunch there. It was also THE place to go see Santa. There was a real working merry go round to ride and the carousel horses were a part of the Harvey's logo. They flanked the escalator (the first ones in Nashville). The link above will take you to a great PBS video of  old downtown Nashville during it's prime and there is a section telling about Harvey's. Just the idea of ladies putting on their best dress and hat and gloves to go to lunch is such a beautiful memory. Us little girls wore our best too. It was a big adventure to go to Harveys.

This quilt was a "slightly planned" improv quilt.
The kind I love to make. Not quite sure yet what the back will be.
A trip up to my stash will be a hunt for the just so perfect fabric.
Then to the fun part of quilting. 
The quilt top was made with Moda Comma Charm Pack
and some Moda Grunge Grey

Today Paula and I went to the bead show. For those of you that have never been it's kind of like a quilt show without the gallery of finished quilts. There are classes and lots of vendors who sell anything to do with beading. I saw a new tool that has gone on my Amazon wish list and did shamefully blow my budget and got the lovelies in the pic above. The vendor I picked up all the metal objects from is one of my favorites and I always visit her booth. I could spend tons of money their but did my best to keep control of myself and my plastic. Paula is no help encouraging me to buy things I am just drooling over. She picked up a bracelet mandrel herself that she has been wanting for a long time, to make bracelets from old silver flatware. So we both left happy even thou we were a bit poorer. 

Now it's time to enjoy a quiet night at home with hubby and relax. 


Gene Black said...

hmm....why not piece the back too? Use a different gray, some black and whites and choose a different color like teal or red for the pop color on the back.

Jenny said...

I love Comma, I keep going back for more of it, I just went back this week.

At our Harvey's (in Murfreesboro), they had a talking Christmas tree -- a super-dense artificial tree with a plastic doll-like face on it, and there was someone inside to talk to customers. I will have to go directly and try to find a picture of it, it would be so absurd today.

My father was/is a teacher in town, and I remember that once, when my little sister was so small, the tree said, "Hello, Mr. Sullivan!" and it was so shocking to her that the tree somehow knew Dad. It was very magical.

Many years after Harvey's closed, this crazy plastic-doll-faced tree showed up on someone's porch in the historic area of town; not one of the nice, preserved or restored homes, but a home where you could imagine this bizarre thing being put out on the porch and left. I think probably the whole town enjoyed that.

Jenny said...

No luck with a picture, but I seem to have found the guy whose father created them!

MissMary said...

Barbara's is THE BEST! So glad they reopened! I'm salivating just thinking about it...