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2 Really Fun Days

Well yesterday I went to my friend Stefanie's house and we had a wonderful day quilting. I got the top finished on my gray and yellow quilt (yes that is it's name for now) I am very excited to start quilting on this.  We had a wonderful lunch at Barbara's and were lucky enough to get the last slice of the eye rolling, lip smacking coconut cake. As our sweet waitress told us the last piece is the largest. So we shared this huge piece of cake and discussed our fond memories that the beautiful and oh so yummy cake brought back to both of us. 

My fond memories from childhood was having lunch at Harvey's in down town Nashville. It was a wonderful experience to eat lunch there. It was also THE place to go see Santa. There was a real working merry go round to ride and the carousel horses were a part of the Harvey's logo. They flanked the escalator (the first ones in Nashville). The link above will take you to a great PBS video of  old downtown Nashville during it's pri…

The Fun Finishing Touches

I really love making and wearing these fiber cuffs. So here are a few I finished this morning. 
These blend 2 of my favorite things,  sewing and jewelry making. Faux leather, copper sheet, copper wire and a beautiful natural stone.
Denim, zippers, lace, and a cameo
Faux leather with black trim and silver tone metal rose buttons.

 You need more than 2 hands sometimes to make these and when I glue I use these handy tweezers that open when you squeeze them. 

They hold good and tight and I have about 6 and every time I use them I wish I had more. 

Where has the time gone?

Well I look back on here and think didn't I just post a few days ago? Well I guess not. Not sure where my time goes but it flies by so quickly. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off in here due to me being in the early stages of a mixed media project. Part is on the sewing cabinet and it has spread to the jewelry bench and even overflows into the chair. I always seem to make the biggest messes when doing mixed media due to the many supplies I like to use. I am trying to get them under control thou.

One day while walking threw JoAnn I saw this oh so cute little faux suitcase that had been red tagged for a quick sale and I thought hey you need to come home with me. 
I thought I could use it for something but not sure what
Also picked up some new trims - some  were marked down as low as 50 cents a yard
I went nuts when I saw this black beaded trim for 97 cents a yard
Then it hit me where to store all these trims
I did get a few jewelry things done this week  simple cuff bracelet - love th…

More Creative Time

Well this past Tuesday I found out that for June and July I will only be working 1 day a week! For about an hour I thought darn less money - then I came to my senses and thought Hey! more time at home! What a silly girl I am. So I started off with doing a few things around the house that really needed to be done. 

I had purchased the frames a while back to make a family tree. It took longer to pick out the photos than to paint the tree on the wall so it was done in an afternoon. 

An old 1950's photo of my mom holds a place of  honor in the center with the rest of the family around her. 
Another part of the hall has our DVD shelf. It's just the depth of the DVDs and  takes up almost no space in the hall. It also gives me a place to display a few of my favorite little eye candy items. 

The shelf is special to me cause my brother in law and little Ian made it for us. I have the sweetest video of Ian painting away telling who  the shelf is for. 

And speaking of Ian here is a beautiful photo …

Every Little Scrap

I'm not one for saving scraps or making scrappy quilts. I did save scraps when I first started quilting but they got out of hand quickly and I decided that it would't be good for me to try to save these. How to sort them etc just didn't work out well. So I only keep scraps now that are pretty good size, and it has to be of a fabric I have other larger sections of. That way I can see me using it at some point. 

That being said thou I had the scraps from the recent baby quilt still on the machine and wanted to make a little something and surprise I used up every single bit of them. What a shocker. Normally they would have become trash. Sorry if you scrappy quilt makers are rolling your eyes now, but I just can't help myself. I have enough clutter issues as it is. 
With my improve method of quilting you often end up with a few pre cut shapes left over and it made these 2 little project sew up very quickly. 

Crazy little monster still needs a face and stuffing.  Good tv watchi…