Monday, April 15

Wee Ones

Saturday morning I had a visit from one of my favorite people - Ian. His dad came over to help my hubby do a 2 person choir and Ian and I played. He brought some of his toys but seemed to find Aunt Woyce's toys more fun. So he learned how to use the Accuquilt cutter, we played with rubber stamps and then his favorite place seemed to be my jewelry work bench. Just too many tools and freedom to bang away was just too tempting I guess. 

With the completion of the oriental quilt (and oh it's been couch tested by the way) I'm getting ready to start my next quilt and it's a baby quilt for the sweet couple across the street. The mom to be likes modern quilts and we've picked out a great quilt pattern with lots of fun color possibilities. So I'll be pulling all the fabric together this week and can start cutting. 

Speaking of baby quilts I just got this photo of
one of the wee ones on her quilt I made for her. 
Her first Easter - what a cute bunny she is. 

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B J Elder said...

I have visions of a tool box for Ian soon. What fun!