Monday, April 22

My Invisible Friends

With the big oriental quilt and the 3 Girl series completed I have a bit of quilting down time while waiting on some fabric I ordered to get here for my next project. I didn't want to start something else and get side tracked from my next project. So I thought I'd take a few days off and do some other things. 
Today I did something I've not done in years - I started drawing this morning at around 7 and didn't stop till 2:00! So I was thinking today I might just share several of my drawings rather than quilts or jewelry. 

I have a tendency to draw mostly silly kids illustrations. They just make me happy. So here are a few that I call "My Invisible Friends" - They all have a young woman and her unusual friends. 

An Evening At Home


A Chance Meeting In The Park

Spring Flowers

The intro page of my sketch book always gets
a different type of drawing and this one has
all the little bits of things in my life that make me happy. 
This is an on going doodle and will cover the
page at some future time.
So there are my little drawings. 
I know they are a bit silly but I so enjoy them. 


Gene Black said...

I love your drawings. They are full of fun and visual interest.

Quilt Rat said...

WHOA!!!! These are completely FABULOUS!!!!

Jenny said...

My word, you are talented. I can't believe how many things you are able to do well.