Sunday, April 7

Finishing up Several Projects

I saw a pincushion something like this on Pintrest and
thought I would make one. I gave it to a dear quilting friend. 

 The front and back

Finally finished this quilt, now it's ready for comfy tv watching.

Got this scrap metal and wondered what to do with it and wanted to try out this
fiber cuff. This was just a quick try but I think this has good possibilities. 

And here is a little sneak preview of my current wall
hanging the last in this 3 part series. 
She has a little trapunto going on. 

Well I've had a good weekend. Sewing with Stefanie on Friday and
yesterday I taught a class on the wire netting technique.
So now with several projects done this morning I may try
out the new quilt and see how it likes the couch and a movie.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Gorgeous wall hanging! You have been busy.

Robin said...

Love the hexie pin cushion... am going to copy it! Want to trade a little of the pink, polka-dot, bear fabric for a 30's repro fabric from my stash? You could give me a color and I'd pick one that I think is rare, older than currently available prints. If so, email me at robin at robinatkins dot com.