Friday, April 12

A Day At The Bench

One of my first things on my to do list today was get samples made for 
a cold connections class. Got a late start due to a repair guy being here and
after he left a quick trip to the post office and bank - but I 
still got several things done. 

 Here is a simple use of a rivet.

 This sample shows how to make a bail / pendant
from one section of metal. Note the perfect little round bail.
No measuring or math of course.
 OK I had to stop and embellish it
while it was in front of me. 

Had some metal to clean.

And some sawing on a new design
that is just getting started. 

I'm just nuts over little dress forms and when I saw 
this one this week it just had to come home with me. 
My sweet hubby said - don't you have one of those?
Bless him


Gene Black said...

your metal work fascinates me. It is not something that I have ever tried since there are a number of tools i would need to buy.

Robin said...

I use pen points in my work too, especially on spirit dolls and bead embroidery pieces, the perfect symbol for the creative and satisfying process of writing!