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My Invisible Friends

With the big oriental quilt and the 3 Girl series completed I have a bit of quilting down time while waiting on some fabric I ordered to get here for my next project. I didn't want to start something else and get side tracked from my next project. So I thought I'd take a few days off and do some other things.  Today I did something I've not done in years - I started drawing this morning at around 7 and didn't stop till 2:00! So I was thinking today I might just share several of my drawings rather than quilts or jewelry. 
I have a tendency to draw mostly silly kids illustrations. They just make me happy. So here are a few that I call "My Invisible Friends" - They all have a young woman and her unusual friends. 

An Evening At Home

A Chance Meeting In The Park
Spring Flowers
The intro page of my sketch book always gets a different type of drawing and this one has all the little bits of things in my life that make me happy.  This is an on going doodle and will cover…

#3 in the series almost done

Well this is the 3rd of the 3 wall hangings I'm doing and I'm getting very close to having it done. I WILL get it done today. I just couldn't wait thou to show you how it's turning out. I've used several different techniques on these 3 for surface embellishments and today I'm playing with angelina. I got a bunch of it at a quilt show several years ago and have never worked with it beyond a few ATCs. It's one of those things that I think might have endless possibilities. 
This is the selection of colors I have.
I used the pink and purple here.
Twisted and mixed the 2 colors together
Folded the paper towel with the fibers in the middle and ironed at cotton setting
The Angelina is now very flat and all melted  together - but amazing it won't stick to the paper. 
It's very shiny and the colors merge together
Then I used some left over jelly roll from some  Christmas fabrics and created the dimensional flower petals
After the cloth petals were sewn in place then I ad…

Wee Ones

Saturday morning I had a visit from one of my favorite people - Ian. His dad came over to help my hubby do a 2 person choir and Ian and I played. He brought some of his toys but seemed to find Aunt Woyce's toys more fun. So he learned how to use the Accuquilt cutter, we played with rubber stamps and then his favorite place seemed to be my jewelry work bench. Just too many tools and freedom to bang away was just too tempting I guess. 

With the completion of the oriental quilt (and oh it's been couch tested by the way) I'm getting ready to start my next quilt and it's a baby quilt for the sweet couple across the street. The mom to be likes modern quilts and we've picked out a great quilt pattern with lots of fun color possibilities. So I'll be pulling all the fabric together this week and can start cutting. 
Speaking of baby quilts I just got this photo of one of the wee ones on her quilt I made for her.  Her first Easter - what a cute bunny she is. 

A Day At The Bench

One of my first things on my to do list today was get samples made for  a cold connections class. Got a late start due to a repair guy being here and after he left a quick trip to the post office and bank - but I  still got several things done. 
 Here is a simple use of a rivet.
 This sample shows how to make a bail / pendant from one section of metal. Note the perfect little round bail. No measuring or math of course.  OK I had to stop and embellish it while it was in front of me. 
Had some metal to clean.
And some sawing on a new design that is just getting started. 
I'm just nuts over little dress forms and when I saw  this one this week it just had to come home with me.  My sweet hubby said - don't you have one of those? Bless him

Finishing up Several Projects

I saw a pincushion something like this on Pintrest and thought I would make one. I gave it to a dear quilting friend. 
 The front and back

Finally finished this quilt, now it's ready for comfy tv watching.
Got this scrap metal and wondered what to do with it and wanted to try out this fiber cuff. This was just a quick try but I think this has good possibilities. 

And here is a little sneak preview of my current wall hanging the last in this 3 part series.  She has a little trapunto going on. 
Well I've had a good weekend. Sewing with Stefanie on Friday and yesterday I taught a class on the wire netting technique. So now with several projects done this morning I may try out the new quilt and see how it likes the couch and a movie.

A Lazy Weekend

I had planned on really getting a lot of stuff done on Saturday and did get a good start. Took off cleaning like a mad woman and did that crazy picking up and putting away that later leads to "where did I put that?". I was amazed at how much I got done so quickly. That must have used all my energy thou cause after a bit of free motion and cleaning up my work bench I though I'd watch the Hobbit again and fell asleep near the end and took a good little nap on the couch. Oh well so much for getting things done. At least at this point in my life I do enjoy a good nap. Sunday was just a little more productive thou. 
I was so close to getting the quilting completed and had a tension issue and had to pick out about 12" of free motion - OK I'd rather mop than do that. 

 #2 in my girls series is completed
 Her close ups

I really enjoy adding all these dimensional flowers and such to these wall hangings. #3 will have trapunto along with the   funky flowers