Monday, March 11

Sew Much Going On

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I had hoped mainly due to the fact I got side tracked with some massive cleaning and organizing. I have this taller than me book shelf that holds all my craft books and it was way to overloaded. You know the shelves are bowing kind of overloaded. So that had to be dealt with. So off come all the books and they get sorted threw and stacked in categories and a few go into the pass on to others pile. My heavy quilt book collection goes to the bottom shelf and the others are moved to a more substantial home. The bookshelf sighs a big sigh of relief. That being done I pin basted the oriental quilt of the moment and it's ready for some free motion now. This lap quilt is 50x70.
 I was lucky to find the perfect backing for this quilt
on the remnant table on my recent visit to Handcocks. 

I put the finishing touches on a wall hanging yesterday and
now it's ready to have the binding finished which is a "while watching tv" project. 

Here is some of the hand work I did with pearl cotton. 
I like the look of the big funky hand stitches in contract to the tiny free motion. 

I have 2 more of these panels - the 2nd one is almost completed but,
I can't decide what technique I'd like to use on the flowers in her hair. 

I need to make the jewelry sample for my
April class so I need to get to that. 
Have a creative day!

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