Monday, March 4

Quilt Till You Drop

On Thursday morning Stefanie came by and picked me and a ton of my stuff up and we headed out for a weekend of quilting. Her parents have a wonderful cabin they rent out and it's just about 20 min from Paducha. So of course we stopped at Handcocks on the way. We engerized ourselves with big juicy burgers before our hours long fabric shopping at...

The remnant bins are always our first stop. Stefanie was going down one side and me on the other. As you can see this is a big price savings on fabric and some of the remnants are over a yard. 

This is at the register and I thought it was so funny as we were checking out. 

If you have never been to Hancocks it's a wonderful place. 
The selection is mind blowing to say the least. 
Here is what I picked up. 
 I got the Basic Grey - gray grunge fabric I've been hunting for and quite a few other wonderful things as well. Also splurged and got a 12x12 Creative Grids ruler. I just love those. 
Then in a fabric haze we drove out to the cabin. 

Stefanie took both her Singer machines and had one set up to do applique and the other for quilting. She made these oh so cute little onies and burp clothes for her friend who has a beautiful baby boy.

She also made several of these great microwave bowl holders, which I thought would be great for holding your cold ice cream too. 

Trudy finished up several quilt tops also and got started on a civil war sampler. Somehow I didn't get photos of those. Her sampler has these very small stars that were very cool. The half squares were about 1.5". 

I finished the oriental quilt top. 

 Got a good start on a D4P from some pretty Moda I'd had for a while. 

Re-discovered my creative art quilt muse and
worked on 3 different wall hangings. 

They have my favorite pebble background. 

There were 3 different girls on this panel and each will have
different techniques. The two above are still in the works and
have hand beading and other dimensional bits left to do. 

 The poppy was a panel I cut apart and
worked back together with some Moda grunge. 
The binding will go on today and this one will be completed.

It was a wonderful 4 days and I ate too much, slept too little and giggled just enough. 


B J Elder said...

What a fun getaway, from start to finish! Love all your projects, especially the poppy. Glad to see you doing more art quilts again. You have such a talent in so many areas!

Quilt Rat said...

Looks like a terrific weekend! Love your art quilts....hope we get to see them when you have finished as well

stefanie said...

I'm still tired! So much fun and always a great time getting away with you.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I loved the "If you are grouchy sign".....grin. I would have to leave my Mom at home. They would charge her an extra $100.....LOL.

YOur work is always so creative!