Friday, March 22

Good Day To Stay Inside

Well it's pretty cool today and with the exception of going out with little Ginger I'm keeping warm inside. I have a quilt on the machine and was also finishing up a few pieces of jewelry. 

Last weekend was pretty busy. Both days were very
nice outside and it made all my fun activities that much for enjoyable.

On Saturday (which was national quilt day) we had our
guild meeting. We had 4 new ladies drop by and we
had a nice show and tell after our regular meeting. 

Afterwards I stopped by Red Dog Beads and
picked up 2 strands of this beautiful white turquoise. 

 Then on Sunday we celebrated

Ian's 4th birthday!

We went out to eat with a group of our friends and Ian loved 
riding this motorcycle with his best girl buddy Ava. 
Isn't she the cutest!
I ordered frog legs and he ate a bite of one
and then said not bad frog leg. We thought we
were tricking him and he didn't know what they were...
hum that will show us. 

Then after a good lunch we get back to Ian's house
and he takes little Ava for another spin. 

Here he's sporting his "4" shirt that is mom
(my oh so talented sister) made. 

 And of course cake and ice-cream 

This seemed to be his favorite present. 
I was shocked this kids drill has reverse and different bits!
And of course he figured it out himself pretty quickly. 

Pretending to be sleeping to model his new PJs
that Aunt Woyce made

And a few new jewelry pieces


MissMary said...

Love those round earrings - have they already found a new home?

Gene Black said...

Those two children are just adorable. I love the picture in the car.

B J Elder said...

Looks like a very happy four year old! The jammies turned out GREAT! And frogs legs? He's braver than me. LOL