Friday, March 29

Forecast: Rainy Outside / Sewing Inside

It's cool outside - 48 raining and cloudy and it makes me want to sit on the couch with a good movie and sew. I do have some hand work to do but I did get a good bit of machine work done before I gave into my inner couch potato. 

I finally found the fabric I'd been hunting,
for the wall hanging I'm working on and
the colors are so out of my normal. 

I tore the fabric into strips and then
made flowers for her hair. 

Next comes the hand work of sewing the yellow gold
flowers down and adding the bead work. 

Still working on this lap quilt - hopefully this weekend I'll
get the quilting done.

The latest jewelry piece, another wire net on river rock. 
This technique is quite habit forming. After you get
it started it's very zen. I want to try adding tiny beads
to this technique the next time I do one of these. 
I'll get that done prior to April 6th when I'll be teaching 
this in class. 

Oh and I've added a tab up top for a new page
my drawings and a few paintings. 

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