Thursday, March 14

A Cute Little Project

Sweet Ian's birthday is very near and I've not even started his little pj bottoms yet. 
Good thing I'm not working tomorrow. I'm not a garment sewing at all. 
Just looking at a pattern makes me queasy. For the first born child of a killer
seamstress I sure am clueless regarding garments. I know I can make these thou. 

This cute fabric came off the remnant table. I picked up a little t-shirt
today and will add some of the fabric to it too. Need to whip up a card and
I'll be done. Of course I picked up a little stuffed animal too. 

I had been wanting to try a zen doodle in one color and
I drew this one to try it out. I used 3 shades of brown. 
It was interesting to work on. 

Well little Ms. "you can't sit and look at that computer and ignore me"
seems to want to go out - so I'll  be off. 


B J Elder said...

Love the fabric for Ian's jammies. He's sure to as well. You get an A++ in the Auntie department!

Gene Black said...

Great doodle. I love it.