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Happy Easter

Forecast: Rainy Outside / Sewing Inside

It's cool outside - 48 raining and cloudy and it makes me want to sit on the couch with a good movie and sew. I do have some hand work to do but I did get a good bit of machine work done before I gave into my inner couch potato. 
I finally found the fabric I'd been hunting, for the wall hanging I'm working on and the colors are so out of my normal. 
I tore the fabric into strips and then made flowers for her hair. 
Next comes the hand work of sewing the yellow gold flowers down and adding the bead work. 
Still working on this lap quilt - hopefully this weekend I'll get the quilting done.

The latest jewelry piece, another wire net on river rock.  This technique is quite habit forming. After you get it started it's very zen. I want to try adding tiny beads to this technique the next time I do one of these.  I'll get that done prior to April 6th when I'll be teaching  this in class. 
Oh and I've added a tab up top for a new page my drawings and a few paintings.

Even with Jewelry I have UFOs

Yes as if my quilting UFOs weren't enough I have others on the bench too.  Speaking of my bench...well I know most crafters get their work areas into a mess while working on projects (my sewing cabinet is that way now too) but I wanted you to see just what a mess I make when working on a  small project. Yes I have to get so many tools out and crowd my workspace down to nothing - this must be my method cause it always ends up like this. 

Here is the start of a new necklace. The big bead in the center is from a strand I  picked up at the last bead show. Where it will go from here is anybody's guess. 
I did take the time to organize my supplies some this weekend. Just like fabric the  beads become very disorganized while working on projects and bringing in new finds.  Now my natural stones (the larger ones) are all in order once again -  for how long thou is the question. 

This yummy big hunk of Amber got a good start in life but then the creative muse wandered away
I did stop by Cumberland Ha…

Good Day To Stay Inside

Well it's pretty cool today and with the exception of going out with little Ginger I'm keeping warm inside. I have a quilt on the machine and was also finishing up a few pieces of jewelry. 

Last weekend was pretty busy. Both days were very nice outside and it made all my fun activities that much for enjoyable.
On Saturday (which was national quilt day) we had our guild meeting. We had 4 new ladies drop by and we had a nice show and tell after our regular meeting. 
Afterwards I stopped by Red Dog Beads and picked up 2 strands of this beautiful white turquoise. 
 Then on Sunday we celebratedIan's 4th birthday!

We went out to eat with a group of our friends and Ian loved  riding this motorcycle with his best girl buddy Ava.  Isn't she the cutest! I ordered frog legs and he ate a bite of one and then said not bad frog leg. We thought we were tricking him and he didn't know what they were... hum that will show us. 
Then after a good lunch we get back to Ian's house and he takes litt…

A Cute Little Project

Sweet Ian's birthday is very near and I've not even started his little pj bottoms yet.  Good thing I'm not working tomorrow. I'm not a garment sewing at all.  Just looking at a pattern makes me queasy. For the first born child of a killer seamstress I sure am clueless regarding garments. I know I can make these thou. 
This cute fabric came off the remnant table. I picked up a little t-shirt today and will add some of the fabric to it too. Need to whip up a card and I'll be done. Of course I picked up a little stuffed animal too. 

I had been wanting to try a zen doodle in one color and I drew this one to try it out. I used 3 shades of brown.  It was interesting to work on. 

Well little Ms. "you can't sit and look at that computer and ignore me" seems to want to go out - so I'll  be off. 

Sew Much Going On

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I had hoped mainly due to the fact I got side tracked with some massive cleaning and organizing. I have this taller than me book shelf that holds all my craft books and it was way to overloaded. You know the shelves are bowing kind of overloaded. So that had to be dealt with. So off come all the books and they get sorted threw and stacked in categories and a few go into the pass on to others pile. My heavy quilt book collection goes to the bottom shelf and the others are moved to a more substantial home. The bookshelf sighs a big sigh of relief. That being done I pin basted the oriental quilt of the moment and it's ready for some free motion now. This lap quilt is 50x70.
 I was lucky to find the perfect backing for this quilt on the remnant table on my recent visit to Handcocks. 
I put the finishing touches on a wall hanging yesterday and now it's ready to have the binding finished which is a "while watching tv" project. 

Quilt Till You Drop

On Thursday morning Stefanie came by and picked me and a ton of my stuff up and we headed out for a weekend of quilting. Her parents have a wonderful cabin they rent out and it's just about 20 min from Paducha. So of course we stopped at Handcocks on the way. We engerized ourselves with big juicy burgers before our hours long fabric shopping at...

The remnant bins are always our first stop. Stefanie was going down one side and me on the other. As you can see this is a big price savings on fabric and some of the remnants are over a yard. 

This is at the register and I thought it was so funny as we were checking out. 
If you have never been to Hancocks it's a wonderful place.  The selection is mind blowing to say the least.  Here is what I picked up.   I got the Basic Grey - gray grunge fabric I've been hunting for and quite a few other wonderful things as well. Also splurged and got a 12x12 Creative Grids ruler. I just love those. 
Then in a fabric haze we drove out to the cabin.