Friday, February 15


Well as you all know the sadness of taking your machine off for service and then being told it will be 3 weeks before you can have her back. So you walk out of the store slightly deflated and are very thankful you have a back up machine. You still have that favorite machine thou and it's away for it's spa treatment, cleaning and a check up so you will miss her. We know each other very well and are the best of friends. For now I will reacquaint myself with her "older sister." 

Today is sewing day at my friend Stefanie's house and "older sister" is the lucky one who does all the road trips so she will get out of the house today and go play in Stefanie's beautiful sewing room. 
I think too since the sewing cabinet is quite empty I may get out the Sashiko and play with her for a bit. I have been wanting to make a wall hanging and this seems the perfect time. 


Chartreuse Moose said...

Hope your best friend will be back home before you know it! Understand the feelings...we have close ties to our sewing machines! You may be surprised that the time out forces you to open up a new window...and time to plan a new project! Hugs!

Quilt Rat said...

Isn't it funny how we are about our "favourite" machines. I have a few "back-up" machines....but you are so will seem like a long 3 weeks.
Thanks for the comment on my know, maybe you want to try a few while you wait for your machine to return home

Robbie said...

So funny! I took my "girl" in for her vacation this afternoon! Only probkem my bsckup is back in muchigan! Thank goodness for handwork