Monday, February 4

The Weighted Quilt

Well I got a few questions about the weighted quilt and I'll try to answer them.
The whole purpose of the quilt is to be heavy but it only has 5 lbs of the plastic pellets in it. The web site I found said you should make the quilt 1/10 of the person's weight who will be using it plus 1 lb. not sure what the 1 pound does but hey I went for it. They show some that were as heavy as 23 lbs - I hope to never need to make one that heavy. 

The pellets are made from plastic and are tiny roundish and smooth. They move around in the quilted sections kind of like rice or millet. They are synthetic so they don't have any smell. Some plastic has a plastic smell but these don't really have any smell to them. My nose isn't the greatest but my hubby said he smelt nothing. 

The pellets don't fill each little quilted section so there is air moving threw the quilt which is all cotton fabric and batting. I don't think it would be much warmer than a regular quilt. I do have to admit that the weight does feel good. Even in my lap as I was sewing. It reminds me of being at my grandmother's in the winter. She would always have several quilts on the bed due to the old house just didn't stay that warm and when you got under all those you just felt "hugged" and I always just drifted off to sleep. I had really forgotten about that till I was sitting with this quilt in my lap pinning the photo on the back. 

These are the type I put in stuffed critters. 
I got these at - yea you guessed it JoAnn.
They came in 2 lb bags and I got 3 and have about half a bag left over. 
The web site said they also made them with glass pellets, but
that seemed dangerous to me. 

The best tip I can give you if you ever make one of these is don't overfill the sections. 
They do migrate when you lay the quilt back on your sewing table. 
They can be moved inside the quilt with your fingers to get them out of the way. I only sewed over 1 - which surprised me. 

Thanks for the comments on my wire netting it was a new thing and I really liked doing it and want to try more different shapes to net over. I used 26 gauge wire to do the netting with. 

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Gene Black said...

Ah yes, I remember and love that hugged feeling when I slept under a pile of quilts at Grannie's house.