Monday, February 25

The End and Beginning

Well the black and white quilt is done and the binding looks good. I really like that little touch of red. This fabric goes from orange to brown in some places, but overall looks red. As I have mentioned it is my favorite "solid".

The only thing I do that is traditional when I quilt is the hand sewn back of my binding. 
I know several other quilters who do it this way and several who do the whole binding
on the machine. I just love the hand work of sewing on the binding and do this while
watching tv. The stitched area is to the right of the needle. Which method do you use?

 With this quilt behind me I've started a new one and here is the middle section completed. The border will be the black and white that is around each Geisha panel. This will be so much fun to quilt I can't wait to get to that point. 

The back will be a "solid" in tan and will have one of my
signature wonky blocks in the lower right area. 

I have been trying to spend more time drawing and even
got myself a really nice sketch book with hard covers. 
That was a splurge but I've wanted one for years. 
This is my Robot Jewelry Maker. It's ink and watercolors


B J Elder said...

Royce - love what you are doing with the Geisha panels. Several years ago I did some for a friend of mine. Your fabric choices are wonderful and I love how you are doing the back.
Like you, I hand stitch the back of the binding down. It is a great in front of the TV project.
Now as for your robot jewelry maker -- LOVE IT! You truly are very CREATIVE!!!

Quilt Rat said...

ohmygosh!!!!! I absolutely LOVE your drawing! It is fantastic!

now, to answer your question...I am a hand stitch the binding kinda girl. I really enjoy that part of quilt making

Did I mention how much I adore that Robot?

Barb said...

the touch of red is perfect....and I love your new quilt..