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Ian's Quilt - Finished!

Most of yesterday I worked on this quilt for Ian. It's my version of a
weighted blanket. They help you to sleep. I had to do a bit of thinking
to get this all figured out. I started off with a typical quilt top.

I pinned the quilt just like normal for the quilting. 
The front was simple piecing and the back was long strips. 
The first quilting was long head to toe straight line in the ditch. 
With one horizontal seam at the very bottom row. 

Then came the plastic pellets. This is how much is in each
square section of the quilt. 

 My friend Stefanie came up with the idea of
using this tube to add the pellets. 
It worked great. 

After I filled each horizontal row I
would close them off with a straight seam. 

 You can see how the areas are puffed up with the pellets. 

Then I added some free motion and a little note to Ian. 
He can't say his R's just yet so I thought it would 
be so cute to put Woyce. 

Then a photo on the back of the family. 
Then I was done. I'll have to admit with the quilt being so
heavy towards the end it was very different to do the quilting.
It didn't flow across the flat surface but had to be moved with a bit of force. 

 It's finished and ready for his bed. 

After all that quilting I settled down for a bit of Downton Abby
and worked on this pendant. 
I'd not tried this netting technique before and was unsure
how to get it started. I found a tiny bit of tape held the top row
quite well and left my hands free.
Next time I can concentrate on getting the netting more
consistent but this time around was just to get the feel of it. 


Barb said…
I found your post to be very interesting, I don't believe I have ever seen this before. What is it like on top of you? HOt? Heavy, too heavy? Does it have a smell?
Gene Black said…
I want to know the answers to Barb's questions also. Perhaps that can be your next blog post?

I think the netting on that pendant looks great. I am not sure that "more even" would be an improvement.
B J Elder said…
Being a person who couldn't say 'R' until speech therapy in third grade, I am getting such a kick out of Aunt Woyce! If Ian is like I was, in my head I heard myself say the 'R' sound. What really started making the difference was hearing my own voice that was recorded. Then I heard it as 'W' not 'R'. LOL
I love the netting on the stone. I immediately felt ocean when I saw it. Hmmm... could you do that on a small sea star or how about a sand dollar? Would LOVE that!
Anonymous said…
I really like the netting on the pendant, and I especially like that it's not completely consistent in spots. Consistent stuff is usually made by machines, but a slight inconsistency (and yours is only slight...wouldn't have noticed had you not mentioned it) gives me the sense that it's an artisan piece...which I love! I think it's beautiful!

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