Sunday, February 17

It was only scary when I looked

Yesterday we had our guild meeting and worked on our charity projects. We have several on going projects we do. Baby blankets, premie smocks and breast cancer patient pillows that are used during chemo. We had snacks a short meeting and our block of the month. You can view our guild activities and schedules here

One of our members brought some of her neck tie quilts to share.
I just loved them and wanted you to see them too. 

This one is my favorite. I loved the way she used the
tie labels on the border and trim. 

This log cabin was beautiful. The colors of the ties were just perfect. 

This was a smaller quilt and all the quilting was stitch in the ditch. Very nice. 

Several members working on our projects. 

The pillows we made were minky on one side and flannel on the other. 
This was my first experience working with minky and I'm not fond of it at all. 
I made the mistake of wearing black pants and I looked like I'd been attacked
by some sort of deranged pink cat after finishing one pillow.

That got any ideas out of my head for making
anything from minky - lesson learned. 

I've always though it was 
cool that the room we meet in has a quilt on the wall. 

OK now for the scary story. 
I mentioned the fuzzy minky to my hubby and he said oh boy I bet that is all in your machine. So before I know what is happening he's got a few tools out and my Pfaff is screaming with fear. I tried not to look. I trust him with fixing things but this is the first time he's taken the machine apart to this level. He went over every area that could be opened up and vacuumed and picked lint out. 

There was less lint in the machine than I would have thought. 
This machine gets less use than the one that is in the shop now. 

This morning we put her back in the cabinet (after a slight cabinet adjustment) and
she is quilting like a dream again. All fuzzies gone. So he's made a drastic mistake. 
Now if all the machine needs is cleaning - well I'll give you one guess who will
be doing that from this point on. I told him he just saved me $90. 


Gene Black said...

I read that I can do that with my Janome 6600. So ---why pay? other than I am a bit chicken.

MissMary said...

Note to self: find a man who can clean my baby Kenmore! Other applicants need not apply...